Our Services

Serving Children, Adolescents, Adults, Seniors, Individuals, Couple, Families with in-office & in-home sessions.

The Attention Disorder & Related Disorders Clinic aims to service all socioeconomic groups of the Lee County and surrounding areas’ population.  It is a non-profit organization, which hopes to serve individuals in Lee County and the outlying areas who might otherwise be denied.

It is a tragedy to have serious emotional / behavioral problems and not be able to receive services.  Fees are based on the ability of the individual’s ability to pay as well as the individual’s commitment to treatment and desire to improve.  Those with adequate income as expected to pay at the set rate.

Please note that a number of insurances are accepted.

New: Offering on-line sessions via email (drjanicehughes@aol.com)

In-Home Sessions (evaluations/counseling) Home Calls

Certified to Supervise Social Work Internsand/or Mental Health Counselor Interns

Our Services Include but are not limited to

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations/Assessments
  • ETOH and / or substance dependency assessments such as opiates/cocaine, et
  • Psychotherapy*
  • Behavioral management
  • Parent-Child management
  • Licensed to Baker Act children / individuals in need of short term psychiatric facility-care
  • Love and Logic© training
  • School Visit (Blind Visit to assess child in classroom)
  • Comprehensive Cumulative School Record Review (in school review)
  • Advocate for ESE program, special needs children
  • IEP Attendance
  • Referrals for Social Security Disability
  • Referral for Federal Law 504 Accommodation* in school/college
  • Help with the MacKay Scholarships* for special needs, ESE, AD/HD children
  • Daycare Visits/Observations
  • Computer-scored Normative Rating Scales
  • Court-ordered Home Studies
  • Court-ordered therapy
  • Documented Diagnostic Psychosocial profiles
  • Detailed, Documented Written Reports
  • School Visits, consultations, IEPs
  • Homes Calls, Home Visits, In-Home Services
  • Medicare home visits to assisted living facilities
  • Court ordered counseling
  • Court ordered anger management assessment
  • Court ordered anger management counseling
  • Court ordered drug counseling
  • Competency social skills training
  • Referrals to and consultations with physicians
  • Referrals to other professionals, and agencies