Dr. Janice Ann Hughes MA, MSW, LCSW, ED.D.

Janice Ann Hughes MA, MSW, LCSW, ED.D is a highly skilled, experienced licensed clinical social worker with double masters’ degrees and a doctorate in human growth and development.

Dr. Hughes is a Certified to provide Clinical Supervision for Social Work Interns and Mental Health Counselor Interns
Dr. Hughes is a life-long learner, student, and researcher who has pursued the understanding of various attention disorders, mood disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, partner and family relations, substance abuse / dependency issues, Borderline Personality Disorder, court-related problems. Over the past 10 years, there has been a increase in Autism. One in 150 children will be diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Asperger’s Disorder or Syndrome is often referred to as ‘high level functioning Autism.’ More and more children, adolescents, and adults are being diagnosed with Asperger’s. Asperger’s is characterized with social skills impairment. Inappropriate and often unacceptable social interaction with others may be presented. They have difficulty picking up on social cues and may take puns and jokes literally. Children especially pick up on this social deficit which may unfortunately ostracize them; sometimes the Asperger’s child is treated cruelly by peers who bully them. Asperger children, adolescents, adults are often self-absorbed and prefer being alone. They are usually very intelligent and have special talents, hobbies, skills which can sometimes — more often than not — become obsessive. Dr. Hughes has over 40 years of experience in the field of social work and brings her skills and talents to individuals who need services and who are capable of accepting and taking responsibility for their own behavior. Helping individuals learn how to become self-validating, self-competent, self-confident, and self- empowered are major goals enabling oneself to ‘find the gifts at the end of the rainbow’!

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Dr. Dr. Hughes has more than 40 years in the fields of social work, child development, and education and more than 30 years devoted to study and research on attention and related disorders as well as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and mood disorders.

Dr. Hughes’ philosophy revolves around children growing up in environments with limited love and attention, guidance, structure and supervision – often a reflection of conditions in today’s fast and demanding society – who have parents who are stressed and overwhelmed. Many children live with a single parent. Financial worries exist. There are often unexpected, surprise expenses which are burdensome. Too often child support is not even paid. Economic issues complicate social/emotional neurobiological conditions. Many of these children ‘fail’ in school, drop out of school, become social misfits with unemployment, early pregnancy, drugs/alcohol, and criminal issues. Knowing how to prevent school failure is just one early step needed to guide and direct these children into a safe and successful life. Untreated mental health issues such as AD/HD create and compound related disorders such as depressed mood and anxiety.

Dr. Hughes is particularly mindful of those individuals who cannot afford the typically high costs of mental health services. Serving adults, adolescents, and children is based on individual needs being sensitive to their level of ability to pay for services. This is the goal of the Attention Disorder & Related Disorders Clinic.

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Many individuals have gone without evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for years. They wonder why they have so many problems which interfere with their overall general functioning. Why do they have partner relational problems… job problems which turn into job hopping or unemployment…

This is why there are so many ‘mixed’ diagnoses today. There is usually one primary disorder with related disorders. Related disorders are usually secondary to the primary disorder. It is important to diagnose and treat problems which occur early on to avoid the hitch hikers or tagalongs which piggy back onto the initial problem such as AD/HD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Asperger’s Disorder, etc. These secondary disorders appear as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse / dependency. Today many individuals are diagnosed with a ‘mix.’ For example, too often the AD/HDer has gone too long without identification and treatment and now presents with school failure, job hopping, anxiety, depressed mood, oppositionality, relationship issues, etc.

It is so important to STOP school failure. Today, as many as 50 percent of ninth graders do not finish high school. There are too many school retentions. There are too many students repeating the seventh or eighth grade for the third time and never even making it to ninth grade. This 50% of high school drop outs is frightening!

School drop out leads to teen pregnancy, unemployment, substance abuse/dependency, involvement with the criminal justice system, incarceration, para-suicidal behaviors, suicide, early marriage subject to divorce, emotional illness such as anxiety and depression. Girls are especially vulnerable. Dependent, they feel trapped and enter into undesirable relationships.

Early-on impairments that were once small are now huge, more complicated, and maybe even out-of-control. That is because of ‘hitch hikers’ or ‘tagalongs’ such as anxiety, oppositionality, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), drugs and ETOH (Alcohol) which travel and hitch hike only to piggyback onto the primary disorder such as AD/HD or Bipolar, etc. The primary condition just gets more complicated, accelerates, and interferes with the individual’s overall social/behavioral/emotional adjustment.