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The Attention Disorder & Related Disorders Clinic

Dr. Janice Ann Hughes MA, MSW, LCSW, ED.D.

(239) 549-2940



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Mission Statement

   Dedicated to expanding knowledge about mental health issues, their identification, and prevention to all at-risk and promoting the healthy social/emotional development of children, adolescents, and adults



... to promote improved social/emotional/behavioral adjustment by  facilitating increased self-competency, self-confidence, and self-esteem, thus, reinforcing the individual's overall general functioning and well being...



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The Attention Disorder & Related Disorders Clinic provides affordable

bulletcomprehensive diagnostic evaluations/assessments specializing in AD/HD Aspergers (Autism Spectrum Disorder) mood disorders PTSD )
bulletextensive detailed written documentation (report form)
bulletdocumented diagnosis/diagnoses*
bulletcomputer-scored normative behavioral rating scales
bulletpsychotherapy (short term and long term)
bulletsupportive counseling
bulletin office sessions
bullet in-home session
bullet school visits: classroom observations and record review
bulletcognitive therapy
bulletcognitive-behavior therapy
bulletdialectical behavioral therapy
bulletcouples therapy
bulletfamily therapy
bulletcrisis intervention
bulletLife coaching
bulletBaker Act certification
bulletCourt work
bulletsubstance abuse/dependency issues
bulleteducational services
bulletschool visits, IEPs
bulletlearning styles
bulletreferral to physicians for medication evaluations
bulletreferrals to other professionals/agencies
bulletLove and LogicĀ® Training
bullet certified supervisor to supervise mental health or social work interns

* AD/HD, PTSD, mood disorders i.e., bipolar, cyclothymia, dysthymia, asperger's (autism spectrum disorder)

Dr. Janice Ann Hughes is an insurance provider to most insurances

bulletMedicare provider to seniors and disabled
bullet Staywell insurance
bulletMost insurances such as United, BCBS, TriCare, Aetna, etc.



AD/HD can be thought to be bipolar ~ It is sometimes misdiagnosed

There is a type of AD/HD which indeed has bipolar features

Basically AD/HD is behavior in nature such as inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, forgetful, organization issues.

Bipolar is mood...dominated by mood swings, intensivity, driveness (I want what I want)

AD/HD can have bipolar features (mixed)

Many with AD/HD who are now adults has experienced underachievement .... some even dropping out of school.  Many AD/HDers are 'punished' for their AD/HD.  This created Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Many children have PTSD .... many adolescents have PTSD ...... many, many adults have PTSD

Many disorders overlap with one another.  For example Anxiety and Depression can be hitch hikers which piggy-back on to the primary disorder of AD/HD. Another example is Oppositional-Defiant Disorder (ODD) which is unlikely a diagnosis to stand by itself..........I believe it is a reaction or related to an unidentified and untreated primary disorder such as AD/HD.  The frustration and stress manifests as anger, oppositionality, defiance, etc.  The ODD is thus a 'tagalong.'  It is secondary or a related disorder to the untreated AD/HD.

Psychotherapy is a broad term relating to many treatment methods of talk/verbal  psychological intervention.  Woven together are general psychology, child or human growth and development, cognitive learning theory, social psychology, abnormal psychology, and personality theory.  Cognitive therapy is a treatment form which helps the patient refocus or reframe problems/issues in which new ways of perceiving them or thinking of them gives them insight into change or how to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. The goal of therapy is to uncover unconscious conflict, unrealistic thinking, etc., in hopes of conflict resolution and/or improved social interpersonal relationships. 

When AD/HD, bipolar, and Aspergers are unidentified and untreated and if it is in the moderate-to-severe range of seriousness, AD/HD, bipolar, and Asperger effects can have catastrophic implications/ ramification/consequences and significantly affect one's overall general functioning.  Examples are:

bullet Underachievement in school
bullet School failure
bullet Grade retention
bullet School dropout
bullet Unemployment
bullet Low wages
bullet Limited hours
bullet Job hopping
bullet Alcohol (ETOH) abuse
bullet Alcohol (ETOH) dependency (self-medicating)
bullet Other drug abuse
bullet Other drug dependency (self-medicating)
bullet Social issues
bullet Social Relationship Problems
bullet Marriage and Family issues
bullet Partner abuse
bullet Divorce Issues
bullet Child support/custody issues
bullet Aging ~ Geriatrics (Medicare provider)
bullet Elder issues
bullet Physical disability
bullet Problems with the juvenile justice system
bullet Problems with the adult justice system
bullet Incarceration
bullet Poor Driving record
bullet Accidents
bullet ... and Others

In combination many of the above lead to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a common related disorder of AD/HD.

How?  The above issues hitch hike and piggyback onto the primary disorder (AD/HD or Aspergers or Bipolar, etc.) compounding the overall problems and affecting the individual's overall general functioning.



Dr. Hughes is Certified to Supervise Social Work and/or Mental Health Counselor Interns

who are required to obtain 2 years of clinical supervision



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Dr. Dr. Hughes has more than 40 years in the fields of social work, child development, and education and more than 30 years devoted to study and research on attention and related disorders as well as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and mood disorders.

Dr. Hughes' philosophy revolves around children growing up in environments with limited love and attention, guidance, structure and supervision - often a reflection of conditions in today's fast and demanding society - who have parents who are stressed and overwhelmed.  Many children live with a single parent. Financial worries exist. There are often unexpected, surprise expenses which are burdensome.  Too often child support is not even paid. Economic issues complicate social/emotional neurobiological conditions.  Many of these children 'fail' in school, drop out of school, become social misfits with unemployment, early pregnancy, drugs/alcohol, and criminal issues.  Knowing how to prevent school failure is just one early step needed to guide and direct these children into a safe and successful life.  Untreated mental health issues such as AD/HD create and compound related disorders such as depressed mood and anxiety.  

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Dr. Hughes is particularly mindful of those individuals who cannot afford the typically high costs of mental health services.  Serving adults, adolescents, and children is based on individual needs being sensitive to their level of ability to pay for services. This is the goal of the Attention Disorder & Related Disorders Clinic.

Initial Fee - Standard fees

Waived initial fee - sliding fee scale

some pro bono

most insurances



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